Monday, December 03, 2012

DSM-5 Being Rolled Out For Shrink Diagnosis & Fee BS

Asberger's is out in the DSM-5, published today and dyslexia stays, say a WaPo article, which includes nonsense like the following:
—A new diagnosis for severe recurrent temper tantrums — disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. Critics say it will medicalize kids’ who have normal tantrums. Supporters say it will address concerns about too many kids being misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with powerful psychiatric drugs. Bipolar disorder involves sharp mood swings and affected children are sometimes very irritable or have explosive tantrums.

—Eliminating the term “gender identity disorder.” It has been used for children or adults who strongly believe that they were born the wrong gender. But many activists believe the condition isn’t a disorder and say calling it one is stigmatizing. The term would be replaced with “gender dysphoria,” which means emotional distress over one’s gender. Supporters equated the change with removing homosexuality as a mental illness in the diagnostic manual, which happened decades ago.
The first symptoms above go under an acronym of DMDD, which isn't identified in the article. My spouse has this and she's over fifty years old---sharp mood swings and frequent explosive tantrums. Maybe it stands for DON"T MAKE DUMB DECISIONS. Who knows?

UPDATE: Here's the DSM website.

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