Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Union Hypocrisy: Media Adores Trashbag Politics

Nutjob Granholm and a bunch of other Dimmocrat hacks have controlled the State House and legislatures and have tried to shove Prop 2 & other legal obscenities down the voters' throats. But now the shoe is on the other foot and one creep yells out:
"It's pretty disgusting when one party controls the whole state"
And other protesters in the State Capitol yell:
"This is what democracy looks like"
Except that these freaks are actually practicing mobocracy.

When I got my MA in history at Ann Arbor, the U. of Michigan required that I read outside my specialty of Modern European History, so I read up on Gibbons' "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." I read again and again how mobs had destroyed any semblance of popular rule in Rome, but even in the birthplace of democracy, Athens, hundreds of years before the period which Gibbons was describing.

While at U. of Michigan, I worked for COPE, the political action arm of the UAW. While not the stinking sewers that many unions on the East Coast have become, the UAW did practice the moral equivalent of strong-arm tactics with the Big Three auto companies.

The reason today that you see a good plurality if not, like here in Boca, a majority of foreign-brand cars is that these makes have decided to build their plants in right-to-work states where unions are not allowed to practice their chicanery and other dubious practices.

Thank God for Gov. Walker from my native state of Wisconsin, who dared to confront a crooked Teachers' union's monopoly on hiring and dismissing personnel. The WI teachers mafia had loaded up each school district with unnecessary administrators and faineants who basically were what railroad unions practiced back in the days of "featherbedding" when a whole caboose was required to hold three or four superfluous flunkies required by the union contracts.

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