Friday, December 14, 2012

Exit Susan Rice

As a former State Dept FSO & trained Arabist at the Foreign Service Institute, I was almost screaming at my TV set while Rice made her preposterous exaggerations of the effect of a film that almost no one had actually seen for the first six months it was on YouTube. I knew from the outset after the descriptions by the Libyans, who certainly know their country better than we and who are on our side & have no real reason to lie, that it was some sort of terrorist operation----9/11 was an elephant in the room that Ms. Rice obviously chose to overlook.

As did the half-wit POTUS in his address to the UNGA almost two weeks later where the word terrorist & terrorism didn't sully his mouth, so insistent was he that the attack was simply a protest demonstration which got "out of control." He knew he was lying and Rice should have known better---had she not, she didn't have the chops to be SecState in the first place. Hillary wisely kept inventing reasons not to testify, while Rice raced into the fray with flags flying.

Even with Kerry's shortcomings, he'll be a better SecState than Rice would have been. Over thirty years on the Senate Foreign Relations Cte. has to rub off. [Though Biden, with his remarks that Hezbollah had been driven out of Lebanon, one example of Joe's egregious solecisms, means that extended tenure in the SFRC doesn't confer expertise on foreign policy.]

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