Sunday, December 02, 2012

GOP Sen. Peter Fitzgerald & What Might Have Been

Fitzgerald was the Illinois GOP Senator who decided not to run again after one term and opened the door to the criminal malfeasance of his successor, a ne'er-do-well named Obama.

As on synchronistic event in my life, I looked across a filling station to see that Peter was gassing up his car in the western Illinois suburbs back in around 2000. I recognized him & introduced him to my wife, who was an LA for Paul Sarbanes, who at that time was still a member in the world's most exclusive club. We chatted for about ten minutes as I remember. He mentioned how dirty Illinois politics is and I notice he attended the elite Catholic boarding school Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode Island

So sad that a Senator who left the Senate because of his high standard of ethics made way for a sleaze-ball narcissist who now inflicts himself on the entire USA.

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