Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rex Delendum Est, Et Sanchez certiter.

Rex Ryan should revert to what he does best, build a defense as a superb defensive coordinator like his brother in Dallas Rob.

Sanchez generated five turnovers, against a Titan team with a QB making his tenth start because of severe injuries over the last two years who didn't produce ONE turnover. The Jets should have coasted past the injury-riddled Titans, but instead made the hapless Tennessee team look good compared to the Jets' zany play-calling and pitiful execution.

Tebow should finally get his big chance to start next week, shouldn't he? Not in the cloud-cuckoo world of Rex Ryan, who is full of grudges for Tebow's Broncos beating the Jets last season & keeping them out of the playoffs.

So third-stringer McElroy will start, his first start ever, and Tebow is now looking for another place to peddle his talents---now that the nasty incompetent Ryan has pole-axed his professional standing.

ESPN has the most biting commentary of the major sports sites on the internet, although the NY Post should have a field day with Rex's stupendously silly antics.
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan made the first part of his quarterback decision late Monday night, informing Mark Sanchez he was benched. Part two -- the bombshell -- came Tuesday.

Instead of promoting backup Tim Tebow, Ryan named third-string quarterback Greg McElroy -- inactive in all but one game -- as the starter Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.

Leave it to the Jets to turn a quarterback change into a multiple-choice controversy.

“In dealing with it, I told Mark, 'I think we need to make a change,' and he respected my decision. That's not easy, that's for sure.” -- Rex Ryan on benching Mark Sanchez

To make it worse, Ryan muddied an already complicated situation by refusing to cite his reason for bypassing Tebow, whose NFL resume is far superior to that of McElroy.
The hotheaded Ryan is setting himself up for close scrutiny as the Jets are shedding fans by the Stadium-load through his zany, off-the-wall silliness & tantrum-prone idiocy. Rex may be the first to go.
It was the biggest decision of his head-coaching tenure, raising questions about the futures of Sanchez and Tebow, who are signed through 2016 and 2014, respectively. It also could impact Ryan's own future.

Ryan insisted it was his call, and that owner Woody Johnson didn't force him into it. As recently as late last season, Ryan said Sanchez would be his quarterback for as long as he was the coach. The Jets (6-8), eliminated from playoff contention with Monday night's 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans, could face major changes in the offseason.

Sanchez played horribly in the game, throwing four interceptions. In fact, the Jets' last three possessions ended with a Sanchez turnover inside the Tennessee 26-yard line -- two interceptions and a fumbled snap in the shotgun. He leads the league with 24 turnovers -- an NFL-high 50 over the past two seasons.

Things got worse after the game for Sanchez, who received a series of death threats from one disgruntled fan on Twitter. League spokesman Greg Aiello said the NFL's security staff was aware of the man's threats and was working with the Jets to assist on the matter. The team declined comment through a spokesman.

Ryan was seething after the game, according to players. He didn't even wait until they got home from Nashville before breaking the news to Sanchez, who was benched for the first time in his career.
A lot of gainsayers are already saying that the decision to start a totally untested QB like Greg McElroy might be to avoid having Timmy Tebow winning the last two games and making Ryan look even more stupid than he appears now.

Ian O'Connor of ESPN has the ultimate tribute to the spurned Tebow.
Remember when the Jets left him alone at the introductory news conference, feeding him to the news media wolves at their Florham Park, N.J., training facility while they cowered behind a palm tree at the league meetings in Florida?

That was the first sign, and it was as big as the one his sponsor, Jockey, had posted over the Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel. "We Support Tebow & New York," it read. Well, at least somebody did.

Choosing Greg McElroy to replace Mark Sanchez as the Jets' starting quarterback is a monumental slap in the face for Tim Tebow.

Nine months later, the Jets stuck it to Tebow in a way few New York franchises have ever stuck it to a big-name athlete. The day after Mark Sanchez played his way to the bench for keeps, Rex Ryan announced that his third-stringer, Greg McElroy, had made a Bob Beamon leap off the inactive list and over the second-stringer, Tebow, smack into Sanchez's spot.

And you thought the Mets stuck it to R.A. Dickey by whispering nasty things about his alleged devotion to his three favorite teammates -- Me, Myself and I (Note to Toronto: Any self-promoter who wins a Cy Young Award and speaks out against sexual abuse and human trafficking is a self-promoter worth hiring).

The Jets used Tebow, and then abused him. They used him to sell tickets and PSLs and to steal a few more headlines from the local big-boy franchise that had just won another Super Bowl title.

They abused him Tuesday by declaring that a seventh-round pick who has been inactive for 13 out of 14 games gives the Jets a better chance to do something they often fail to do: win.

"A gut feeling," said the coach who no longer has much of a gut.

Ryan no longer has much of a clue, either. He needs to go with whatever postseason purge Woody Johnson orders up after his 6-8 Jets are done with their final two Sundays. If it's Mike Tannenbaum or Tony Sparano or Sanchez or all of the above, Ryan should be right there with them, as he's no longer fit to lead.

Rex mismanaged the quarterback position like he's mismanaged so many things over the last two seasons, and Johnson needs to call him on it. Of course, Johnson needs to call himself on his most controversial player acquisition, one that made the Brett Favre deal look like a garden-variety move.
Now it turns out that gutless Rex Ryan, for all his bellowing and BS, is just a garden-variety coach---one that kills the plants, not grows them.

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