Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Too Much NBA Action

Five NBA games in one day and I am now in a bleary-eyed state of drowsiness after my faves won four of five [the despised Lakers beat the Knicks to spoil my day.]

The Heat beat the Thunder and the Rockets TROUNCED the despised Bulls and the Clippers made it 14 straight. The Heat were 19 out of 19 from the free throw line and LeBron spoiled Skip Bayless's Christmas by just missing a triple-double.

I thought I saw Jack Nicholson at the Clippers game on the sideline seats, but it could have been a body-double. Billy Crystal is a lifer Clippers fan and regaled Breen & Van Pelt with memories of the Clippers over the last 20 years.

Between the Heat and the Packers, this could be an enjoyable Winter.

And I enjoyed dinner with my wife's parents while all this was happening. All in all, a fine winter's nap coming up.

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