Thursday, October 04, 2012

Romney Kills, Crushes O'Boy in First Debate

One commenter put it succtinkly [sorry] "Listening to Obama speak is like walking through someone else's fart." We should get used to saying 'President Romney,' according to a far-left crazy named Andrew Sullivan. I told my daughter, who has a Poli-Sci Major from UMiami that Mitt was wiping up the floor with Barry during the debate [she came home from a flick n mid-debate] and she watched the final third. If you didn't know what a lying weasel Barry was, you'd almost feel sorry for the cafe-au-lait creme puff, but he kept lying about the five trillion tax cut---as did Axelrude [sorry again] & Stephanie Cutthroat. At least they didn't insult us with Debbie Washboardbrain-Schulz.
Even Journolist conspiracy member Ben Smith, formerly of Politico and now of Buzzfeed, called the debate for Romney 40 some minutes into the debate.
says The American Thinker

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