Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AGW Created Frankenstorm?

NPR is a government-subsidized radio network that is a propaganda outlet for the Dimmo-rat Party. And now that Sam Champion is preoccupied with his husband in a recent he-he marriage, the hardy perennial of anthropogenic global warming is trotted out by another useful idiot at NPR. Why are those Polar Bears disappearing and the summers hotter & winters colder?
The science of climate attribution is very exciting and full of cool, new ideas. It has already provided us with first steps towards more precision in understanding how climate change is changing climate now, already. For hurricanes, however, sticking to the science means it is still hard to point to an individual storm and say, yes! Climate change! A more reasoned approach is to take the full weight of our understanding about the Earth and its systems and go beyond asking if any particular event is due to global warming or natural variability. As Kevin Ternbeth of NCAR says "Nowadays, there's always an element of both."

Actually, the hurricanes of '31,'37 in the Keys of Florida & the huge storm of '38 that is bigger than Frankenstorm all occurred during the Great Depression, which was at a low point of industrial activity during the 20th century. And the average temp of Mother Earth has stayed the same since 1998. Go put those facts into the AGW sugar machine & see what you come up with....

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