Monday, October 15, 2012

FL Hispanics Owebama 51-44 over Mitt

The FIU FL poll has only a slim majority for Obama.
Overall, 54 percent of Florida Hispanics said they were not better off than four years ago, compared to 46 percent who said they were. That’s not just a reflection of Cuban sentiment; it’s an indication of Florida’s unemployment rate, which is higher than the nation’s. And Hispanic unemployment is higher still. The number of Hispanic children living in poverty now exceeds the number of non-Hispanic white children, even though Hispanics are a minority.
The above indicates that the Cuban Republican vote will turn out in droves and the Dem Hispanics might just sit this one out, since they don't want to vote GOP and they are economically depressed by Obama's last four years. That might mean FL's ginormous 29 electoral votes would go to Mitt and give him a chance to serve the present incompetent with an eviction notice...!!!

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