Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I Believe at This Crucial Moment

As a native Wisconsinite [Waukesha] now living in Boca registered as an Independent, I am a man of many past incarnations [multiple years in MN, Missouri, MI, IL, DC, VA, and MD as well as five countries as an FSO]. I was National Staff for Gene McCarthy in '68 [John Podesta worked for me in Brooklyn!] and for Mondale in '84. When I married and we had kids, I went GOP although not formally. I can only say that Obama has dropped the ball in so many places overseas [I am an FSO Arabist & worked in Saudi, Lebanon, & Egypt] as well as messing up stateside in a royal fashion that I consider him a true threat to the USA. If re-elected, I believe his policies will lead us to ruin and a second-class status among world powers. As I have visited forty-plus [40+] countries during my State Dept & Amoco Corp careers, many umpteen times [India & Pakistan, e.g.], I truly know how much the world needs strong leadership from the USA. This is going to be impossible under Obama, & difficult under Romney. A lot of damage has been done to our own economy and to our status over the horizon. I hope Romney pulls it off, but even if he does, the damage Obama has done will be well nigh insuperable. The obstacles to repairing the country are going to be the biggest challenge for the US since Reconstruction after the Civil War.

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