Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WTF? 12,000 Year Old Temples Featured Feasts Flooded by Beer

Gobekli Tepe or "Potbelly Hill" in Turkish is nine miles from Urfa, the birthplace of Abraham. Its discovery has turned the world of archeology and cultural history upside down. Pace the Stalinist V. Gordon Childe, who "invented" the Neolithic Revolution out of whole cloth [hunter/gatherer, agriculture, religion, temples, priesthood, kings, warfare, feudalism], we now find that hunter/gatherers invented religion about three millennium before agriculture as an organized activity around which towns and cities were built, then yadda yadda yadda. Here is a National Geographic special which reveals Gobekli Tepe, solely a site for worship, as only one of a number of towns along the contemporaneous Euphrates River---these towns were sadly overlapped by water by a number of Turkish dams along the Euphrates... The utterly amazing fact is that there are large monuments UNDER Gobekli's HUGE pillars, half as high as Stonehenge 7000 years LATER, that date approximately to 15,000 years ago, before or during the LGM [Last Glacial Maximum]. In other words, some sort of temple worship, or merely great feasts that accompany the death of a notable, existed 7000 years BEFORE the organized growing of wheat & barley. As you will note, the feasts may have attracted many participants because of beer, fermented in animal skins, as clay pottery was still even for GT, a thousand or two thou years in the FUTURE. The mind reels... Here and Here and Here are more links to this AMAZING and MIND-BLOWING site.

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