Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bob Schieffer Debate Moderating: CBS Anchor Stays Above The Fray, Criticized For Letting Debate Stray From Foreign Policy

Schieffer showed his left-wing bias just very slightly, compared to Crowley & Raddatz. Lehrer was the best moderator, letting Obama get 48 minutes while Romney took full advantage of his own 44. Like Lehrer, however, Schieffer tried gently to get the two protagonists, or perhaps in this debate, antagonists, back on track. The debates count for little in the final analysis.

One thing is clear. Obama & his Chicago Mafia Advisors erred in putting the emphasis on the character defects and shortcomings of Romney. Mitt did doing a great job of showing how huge an effect Obama's own ridiculous record of economic doldrums bordering on recession has been to lessen the long-term national security of this country.
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