Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Empty Chair Showed Up Wednesday Night

Libtards hate Clint for his empty chair stunt at the RNC in Tampa, but last night that's just what happened. Without a teleprompter, and with a few days of John Kerry's coaching and preparation, Obungler was left with a few notes and a steel-hard Romney staring him down and mincing him into chopped liver in front of 50 million viewers, some of whom will have their minds changed about this straw man on stilts. Flint Fat Boy Moore had a dozen or so tweets expressing his disappointment. Move to Venezuela, you fat slob and commiserate with Fat Hugo...! Semi-Pro Comedian Fat Albert Gore blamed the altitude, THE ALTITUDE, for bumbling O'Bungler's bungles. Biden couldn't have fucked up worse than the First Clown.

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