Saturday, October 20, 2012

Further Thoughts on the Awful Security at Benghazi

It's clear that the assault on the Benghazi Embassy Annex and consequently the "Safe House" was obviously co-ordinated with some Libyan AQ allies who had infiltrated our diplomatic security net as mole employees-----the Safe House was sighted in by mortars almost exactly, e.g., and the Embassy Annex was deserted by the local Libyan security hired by a British outsource agency so rapidly that any Security Officer must assume that a pre-arranged departure was negotiated. As an FSO who served in Vietnam & an Arabist who served in three US Embassies in the Middle East, I can only imagine what infiltrators this loosey-goosey State Dept must have allowed in Libya. I'm fairly certain the AQ probably is aware of ALL the Libyans working under cover for the USA, as the FBI took over a week to get on site to clean up the Embassy Annex and the Safe House facilities. Various Obama Administration officials are saying that Cong. Issa's Cte. has released names of Libyan locals who worked under cover for the US in Benghazi. This is ludicrous as the security in Libya was AWFUL, and the AQ moles would have known or figured out who the suspect Libyans might be. It is obvious that the AQ is more nimble and intelligent in security matters and their lack than the cumbersome oafs at Hillary's State Department are...!!!

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