Friday, October 26, 2012

POLITICO posts approving news bit about BHO's filthy mouth

A hack named Slack has a ridiculous piece about the First Potty-Mouth in one of the adoring pieces this Dimmo-rat on-line hack-sheet ran yesterday. Here's the hack-Slack ends his sycophantic approval---or rather sort of the dog that didn't bark [if Romney said this about The Won, it would be above the fold on the NYT & the lead story on Bri-boy Williams' Evening News]:
That's some frank language from Obama, who has a genuine disdain for GOP challenger Mitt Romney, as POLITICO's Glenn Thrush has reported. It's also a much more direct way of saying Romney has been hit with a case of "Romnesia," and has seemingly forgotten what he has stood for in the past.
And this jumped-up pickininny has cut the deficit in half and got the unemployment rate down to 5%, while passing a health-care law the jug-eared freak never mentioned in his campaign. Pot, meet kettle.

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