Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The "Progressive Media"

Yeah, some covert tape artist commits a felony under Florida Law taping Romney at a PRIVATE fund-raiser and its 47% has become an icon of the liberal----that is to say, over 90%, of the mainstream media. Obama gives a public speech about "you didn't build that" and one hundred apologists for Obama from Maureen Dowd to Jon Stewart go to great pains to explain that it was highways, bridges, etc. A covert felonious taping pounced upon and repeated endlessly, with a segment of the tape missing and unaccounted for, versus an out-in-the-open expression of disdain for small businessmen clobbered by Obama's 983 Administrative Law pronunciamentos on the business community. A late-at-night misstatement by a tired candidate after perhaps the long day of most candidates which he conceded was "inelegant" versus a broad daylight statement where Obama's bad grammar might have misread his ubiquitous teleprompter. And now the revelation of the FULL version of an openly race-baiting series of inaccurate and inflammatory statements that "were hardly noticed" and the DNC has its legions of commentators and pundits parroting the same apologias for Obama's sheer amateurism and lack of stature and gravitas. The progressive media is assuming the position one more time for Obama despite his total lack of qualification for the POTUS position. Four years of amateurish attempts to press a grid of suspicion around big business----except for crony corporations like GM & Chrysler & Solyndra----plus horrific failed experiments in economic malfeasance like the cash for clunkers and the stimulus. Nothing but teflon for the progressive media----which is almost always now seeing problems through the same prism and grid of suspicion as the failed president Obama. They both are determined to turn the USA into another EU disaster area like Spain, Italy, Ireland & Greece.

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