Saturday, October 20, 2012

'Romnesia': Obama Coins Mitt Romney 'Condition' (VIDEO)

The new 'Romnesia' theme/meme from Obama is getting a lot of free air time from the lapdog legacy media as the POTUS further degrades and disgraces himself as a carny barker with a sharp tongue. Where are this First Zero's plans for changes in the next four years if by some catastrophe he gets re-elected by hook or by crook? Is that the giant hole that his juking and jiving and appearances complaining that the deaths of four Americans in an Embassy Annex is "not optimal" are all trying to cover over? This guy plays it by ear----he makes it up as he goes along and doesn't do the spadework with Congress to get things done.

Woodward says it all in his best seller, buried by the lapdog legacy media because it shows Obama is a hopeless amateur.

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