Sunday, October 28, 2012

David Axelrod On 2012 Campaign: Trajectory Of Race Is Set

Axelrod, the ultimate con man, is leading a parade of scumsuckers like Nate Silver of the NYT & other journalist cadres in an elaborate disinformation campaign, with HuffPuff just one of the many participants gulled into this parade of fools. The big legacy polls oversample Dems by 10% in the swing states [and elsewhere] to get that 2-3% edge and then call it an "arc" or "trajectory" to perhaps keep a few hundred thousand GOP or Indies on the edge of voting from showing up before or on November 6th. As a Dem staffer in many Dem POTUS, Senate, & House races way back in the day, it was already a way to discourage Republicans and Independents from showing up to vote.
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