Sunday, October 21, 2012

NBC/WSJ/Marist Oversamples Dems by 10%

NBC spouts BS again. Burrow into the weeds of the NBC/WSJ/Marist Ohio Poll which gives outlier [+11 Brown] percentages for the Dem/GOP results and you'll get 40% Dem vs. 29% GOP. All other polls range around +5 for Brown. The above is for Ohio & the Senate Race. Same thing occurs in Wisconsin, where the highly regard Marquette in-state poll gives Romney a +1 which the NBC/WSJ/Marist outside agitators give lesbo-Tammy +4---another outlier from the liars at NBC/WSJ [whose polling team obviously doesn't read memos from the front office!] All this despite nationwide feedback that GOP voters are highly enthusiastic and Dimmo-rats discouraged. NBC lies through its teeth.

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