Friday, October 12, 2012

Krugman the New Vishinsky of Our Time[s]

Vishinsky was Stalin's final prosecutor in his show trials and always had the pre-selected 'traitors' to the Party accused by stooges and hacks who would invent all sorts of lies that the poor traitor was said to have said. Here is where our national worm and Jewish asshole supreme stands:
Whether the resort to accusations of lying is menacing or merely foolishly self-destructive, it is clear that the news media are a big part of the problem. Henninger pins primary blame on one quasi-journalist: "No one has worked harder to revive this low-rent tactic than [former Enron adviser] Paul Krugman. To my knowledge, Mr. Krugman is the only columnist writing for a major publication in U.S. journalism who has so routinely and repetitively accused people of being liars. . . . The Obama campaign is saying 'Romney lied,' because Paul Krugman made it the coin of their realm." As we noted in January, Arthur Brisbane, then the Times's public editor, cited Krugman as a model of a "truth vigilante," also known as a "fact checker." The "fact check" genre, which has been embraced by major journalistic institutions including the Times, the Washington Post and the Associated Press, debases journalism in much the same manner the Obama campaign debases politics. As this column has extensively documented, most recently last month, the work of the "fact checkers" is opinionated while pretending to be impartial, and it is intellectually shoddy. Further, it is frequently infantile: One "fact checking" shop actually uses the "Pants on fire!" taunt, while another assigns "Pinocchios" to politicians' statements. Rome's Boca della Verità (Mouth of Truth) sculpture. The casual resort to the charge of lying reflects not an oversensitivity to the truth but a cavalier attitude toward it. Recall the way Krugman, in January 2011, accused Michele Bachmann of employing "eliminationist rhetoric" because she had urged her constituents to be "armed and dangerous." As we noted at the time, this was a bona fide lie on Krugman's part. As the full sentence made clear, Bachmann had been speaking metaphorically: "I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back." She wanted them "armed" with facts or arguments, not with anything that actually would have been lethal.
Quasi journalists like Krugman and Drum and others like Andrew Sullivan and the insufferable dwarf Robert Reich are literally fascists or communists in their totalitarian take on truth and reality in general. The American educational establishment has turned out so many marxist creeps spouting class warfare----Obama among them----that this country is unrecognizable to people like myself born before the Baby Boomer Era.

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