Friday, October 12, 2012

Ryan Beats Biden in CNN Poll

CNN has a poll with one-third GOP, one-third Dimmo-rat, 31% indie & although the margin is Ryan 48-Biden 44, the obviously biased CNN writers say that the vote was "split" in the headline. Of course, had Biden been 48 mutatis mutandis, I'm sure the lede would have been about a Biden victory. Here's a sentence in para 1:
The Republican running mate's four point advantage among a debate audience that was more Republican than the country as a whole is within the survey's sampling error.
Usually in the big polls like the NYT & Post polls, the fact that there are more Dems polled is buried DEEP in the weeds. And for good measure, later in the article:
One-third of the respondents who participated in tonight's survey identified themselves as Republicans, with 31% identifying themselves as Democrats, and 34% identifying themselves as independents. "That indicates that the sample of debate watchers is more Republican than an average of recent CNN polls of all Americans," adds Holland.
Nowhere does the hypersensitive Holland mention what the REAL GOP percentage in the country might be. And finally, here's the tickler:
A CBS News poll of uncommitted voters who watched the debate gave Biden the edge over Ryan by a 50%-31% margin. Uncommitted voters made up roughly ten percent or less of the debate audience.
Just to make sure that the CNN people were not going to stress the fact that Ryan indeed prevailed among their audience polled by their firm.Peggy Noonan at the WSJ gives a tie on substance, but a loss to Biden on style. Brit Hume summed up Biden as "rude and a cranky old man."

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