Thursday, June 22, 2006

Murtha "Slow-Played" Abscam Stingers?

Potato-faced over-the-hill PA Congressman Murtha may be in his cups, but he's still swinging for the fences, as his recent announcement he will run for House Whip to defeat moderate Steny Hoyer for the job. Pelosi, who has little control over her restive minority, evidently was not consulted by her cantankerous fellow cut-and-run ally before he butted in where he was not invited.

Robert Novak has some interesting back pages on this fellow Murtha, recalling that in the Abscam sting of 1980, Murtha ratted out his fellow Congressperson after when Murtha sorta held back, but kinka winked and nodded at the proferred sting money, his oversized backside came into jeopardy.

Read the link to get the details, but this uninvited candidate for House Minority Whip will help the Repubs fend off the culture of corruption charges, as Murtha just missed getting nailed himself---was he holding out for a bigger payout, slow playing the FBI types? He certainly bragged about his power and influence, and maybe was cadging for a larger slice of that "Duke" Cunningham pie?

What a poster-boy for new-broom-sweeps-clean patriotism!

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