Monday, June 19, 2006

Deformed Comment from Al Qaeda Cheerleader Cole

Thankfully, Yale declined accepting demented Arabist/fantasist Juan Cole as a perfesser, although it was a surprise turndown, given Yale's hearty welcome to a Taliban terrorist as a student last year.

Rancid nitwit Cole spews bile at Tony Snow for an offhand remark during a CNN interview about the Battle of the Bulge. Self-righteous in his traitorous way, Cole goes off on a tear, which I'll leave you to link since I don't want to repeat this turncoat's delirious ravings.

Suffice it to say, I once talked to the commanding officer of a division in the Battle of the Bulge who told me that his troops were "scared ****less" of the Germans and that he really had his hands full keeping them from skedaddling. Later in the battle, they fought bravely. But, contrary to traitor/perfesser Juan-Cology, such a situation did exist and Tony Snow, though perhaps unwise to bring it up, did have a valid historical point.

The only point Juan-boy has is the pointed tinfoil dunce-cap he wears, as justified by comments like this geezer-dribble:

"Moreover, there is some danger of Bush's imperial over-stretch imperiling our republic. Our budget deficits, enormous indebtedness, the sinking dollar, and other effects of imperial overstretch and Republican Party irresponsibility could lead to a crisis of epochal proportions."

This Trotskyite moron says the sky is falling; guess we better alert Al Gore to make another movie.

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