Friday, June 23, 2006

Miami Plot No Joke

Predictably, the MSM is beginning to downplay the "terrorist ring" busted in Miami and the beginnings of a pooh-poohing exculpation are starting to emerge. The chief Judas-goat in this ho-hum spinning would obviously be the New York Times which tut-tutted:
"The only overt acts described in the indictment were swearing oaths of allegiance to Al Qaeda and taking video footage of the F.B.I. office."

and the barest hint of a suggestion that these poor kids might have been entrapped into treason and mayhem by a big bad informant:
It was unclear from the indictment who suggested the broader plot. But[emphasis mine] Mr. Pistole said at a news conference in Washington today that the group's ringleader, Narseal Batiste, "made the first indication of an intent to make an attack" against an F.B.I. office in North Miami.

Get it? The NYT apparently sees a possible flaw in the indictment. The hallucinatory perceptions of the leftist MSM are only rivalled by their delusional denial faculties. They imagine US govt plots against its citizenry and can't discern conspiracies against the US. Look for more bobbing and weaving as the ACLU & the mighty Wurlitzer of the lefty blogosphere cranks up to defend these poor hapless retardos. And don't mention London or Madrid. That would be insensitive.

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