Monday, June 19, 2006

Episcopals go for Kumbayeh Theology

Just when one wondered what more the Episcopal Church USA [ECUSA]could do to stray from the Christian Gospels toward a status of former-Christian well-meaning social club, then the election of a female bishop who espouses homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle choice would be the logical choice.

This will serve two purposes in addition to rendering the Episcopals risible in any Christian theological context [though they'll make alternative contexts to serve their self-serving self-absorbed self-referential whimsies].

First, it will completely alienate the few conservative ECUSA bishoprics who are against female clergy.

Second, it will ensure excommunication from the World Anglican Communion when the next World Conference meets at Lambeth Palace in 2007. There are over 100 million Anglicans worldwide, and almost all of them are in vibrant Christian high-growth areas like Africa, which have experienced explosive growth in OLD-TIME Religions like Catholics [100 million], Anglicans [80 million] and Muslims [100 million].

Not that the heedless spineless degenerates running ECUSA will be bothered by such trivia as schism and excommunication. They're sitting atop prime tax-free real estate in lots of chic neighborhoods and have social status those African parvenus can never attain.

Between God and Mammon, the ECUSA has clearly chosen the latter.

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