Monday, May 29, 2006

Vargas Departure Excites the Feminist Left

The National Organization of Women Chief Kim Gandy asks the self-absorbed affirmative-action questions:
"It seems unlikely to me, having survived and thrived through her first pregnancy, that she would logically give up the top job in TV a few months out, anticipating she couldn't handle it," said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women. "It just doesn't strike me as a logical explanation. I don't think there are too many men who would be happy to be removed from the anchor chair."

Gandy added that ABC, which is owned by the Walt Disney Co., "doesn't look like a very woman-friendly or family-friendly workplace."

"If she can't have it all," [Gandy] said, "who among us could?"

Gandy uses the pronoun "me" far more often than necessary, if one parses her self-referential nagging above.

I learned to love Elizabeth Vargas's slightly self-effacing charm and terrific competence when she was local anchor on a Chicago network [CBS] outlet in the early '90s. Although she has spectacular looks, she seems grounded in her origins, including respect for Catholic religious beliefs, and this may particularly upset the crone corps whose solipsistic, autistic, self-obsessive focus on their own personal goals can make them appear ridiculous to the nine-to-five regular people they are trying to recruit.

Respect for others' beliefs and priorities is missing in NOW's strident shrill set of accusations against ABC---Anne Sweeney at Disney may be their targeted guilt-trippee whom they wish to fold on future demands for their radical agenda to be given ABC display.

Of course, Vargas's own wishes and ABC's marketplace management could actually trump the agenda of an ultra-left cabal of unnatural nags and shrews.

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