Friday, May 26, 2006

Repubs Repudiate GWB on Immigration?

A lot of Republicans are no longer willing to follow GWB's leadership as he tries to foist an amnesty-lite immigration package on people actually up for re-election this year. Unlike the Lamer-and-Lamer Duck GWB, the Repubs have to keep their conservative base engaged. Otherwise, who wants to vote between Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber on an issue combining law and order in general, enforcement of laws already on the books, linguistic issues, and reconqista-wack-jobs, and a general squeeze on the Middle Class?

Deborah Orin argues that the left-tilted MSM is trying to activate the notorious wobbly gene GWB inherited from his ["read my lips,..."] spine-challenged Poppy. The problem is that Bush43 believes he is right, and his faith-activated stubbornness can be good [Iraq] or stuck-on-stupid, as in a naive kumbeyah configuration in his cheerleader frat-rat psyche.

Mickey Kaus notes that 36 Senators, many up for re-election, actually side with the tough enforcement bill the House of Reps appears unflaggingly to insist upon, and if there is a House/Senate Conference on this bill, fireworks and MSM imploring/guilt-tripping will ensue like July Fourth and MLK-family funerals. Mickey also links Jonathon Zasloff who believes that if Pelosi bucks up and uses previously underutilized backbone and brainpower, she could stand up to the Congressional Black Caucus which is trying to extort her to keep one of their members [whom even Kevin Drum thinks should quit] on the all-important House Ways and Means Cte after he was videotaped taking $100,000 in a briefcase and after $90K in frozen assets was found in this about-to-be-indicted Congressperson's freezer.

I don't think Nancy has the guts nor brains to have a Souljah moment. ConMeister Bill could pull off Welfare Reform and other dissing of extortion-minorities, but Pelosi is an old-time machine-pol in her DNA and Jesse Jackson need not rev up his engines just yet!

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