Monday, May 01, 2006

Angry Left Blogosphere Agog [Again]!

Elizabeth Bumiller wrote a praiseful description of President Bush's excellent funny presentation with his impersonator Steve Bridges. Two things are now certain.

Unlike skanky WaPost snark-artiste Robin Givhan, Bumiller will never win a Pulitzer.

Howell Raines is rolling over in his grave. [Oh, he's not dead? Physically?]

Judging from the splenetic excess of the HuffNPuff Kossack lefties, crack mixed with crystal meth can't explain the hysterical delirious rave/rant posturing of these mentally-unbalanced substance abusers.

As James Taranto noted in an earlier blog today, the ultra-left liberal bloggers take themselves very seriously and cannot abide contradiction. When my daughter was two, she was the latter. But thankfully, she did not become the former; taking things with a grain of salt is her style.

The terrible twos are where lefty blogger are stuck; or is it stuck on stupid?

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