Friday, May 26, 2006

Left-Wingers Depict Govt 9/11 Conspiracy

The Angry Left loves conspiracies, because its faulty philosophy of the essential goodness of mankind derived from the Enlightenment cannot explain the essential original sin lying in the hearts of those suffering the human condition. Conspiracies allow the left to continue their Pollyannish daydreams of noble humans kept in bondage by their own governments.

A Web Doc
named "Loose Change 9/11" gives the Bush Administration and USG conspirators credit for 9/11, even hinting that Osama bin Laden was [and presumably still is], a CIA asset.

Of course, the bad apples on the left are never to blame. Ultra-left socialist/communists like Saddam/Milosevic/Kim Jung-Il/Cuban billionaire Castro, and others are victims of these rightist conspiracies.

Like George Galloway, whom Capt Ed says aptly represents a constituency with wrap-around arms living in padded cells, the left must portray America's real enemies [like gundamentalist Muslims] as paper tigers, and say the government itself is our enemy.

Wonder what Pelosi, Dean, and the Congressional Black Caucus would say about the nutty webdoc I linked above? Oliver Stone Redux?

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