Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Da Vinci Code Actor Calls Bible "Fiction"

Ah, it's always good to see Matt Lauer doing his every-imbecile interviews at Cannes Film Festival serving as a straight man for flick-flacks peddling their hooey while Katie Couric festers at home back in NYC!

Today, Matt was his usual speechless punching-bag self [Tom Cruise bruised him badly while Matt emitted nary a whimper] as John Gielgud's long-time boyfriend Ian McKellam predictably called the Bible "worthy of a fiction disclaimer" in the incessant publicity parade leading up to the Da Vinci Code's US release on Friday.

Nothing like insulting other peoples' beliefs to drive up the Box Office numbers. Oh, by the way, "Rotten Tomatoes" website has 0% favorable reviews out of six so far for the ponderous "bloated" epic. I read the book Holy Blood Holy Grail in the early '80's and couldn't put it down, and Dan Brown's book was relatively slow-paced. I guess the third time is not the charm in trotting out a ridiculous parody of a Black Mass that might, like Oliver Stone's JFK, otherwise have become the lore of the land.

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