Monday, May 29, 2006

NYT Neglects Pentagon Role in Forming Internet

Adam Cohen writes an NYT story about the Internet and paying for content which does not credit DARPA and the Pentagon for the foundation of the Internet, while of course lavishing attention on Tim Berners-Lee and Pierre Omyidar, inventors of the Web and eBay respectively.

Why do the editors of this relentlessly leftish tabloid leave out the Pentagon's role? Are they that ideological and militantly anti-military that even the spin-off benefits of military spending require an Orwellian memory-hole?

On the other hand, the ante-diluvian reptile Ed Whitacre wants to get his grasping greedy hands on another communications vehicle and dumb it down while he grabs the cash. This AT&T empire-builder has just acquired the feckless dolts at BellSouth, who have problems maintaining my e-mail.

Whitacre should have been in the oil game, where the prehistoric search for fossil fuels. Thank goodness Sensenbrenner and Conyers can agree on something as basic as keeping this robber baron's hands off the Internet.

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