Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lou Dobbs Alert on "Illegal" Immigrants

Lou Dobbs points out the obvious MSM whitewash of the illegal alien protests as "immigrants." No, my ancestors were immigrants, these protestors are guilty of criminal trespass.

The Far Left is trying to harness the protests, one agitprop commando even comparing the marches to the colonists trying to throw off the yoke of the British King. Anyone besides me get a whiff of reconquista irredentism in that nonsensical comment?

Read the whole Dobbs piece above. Dobbs was wrong on the Dubai Port acquisition, but is right on the nonsensical puffery by the MSM [excluding the WaPost] portraying the protest as justified.

We don't want Chavez/Humala/Morales/Castro Al-Qaeda sympathizers living among us and taking our jobs away. Also present is chest-thumping "we are the backbone of America" delusionary drivel---Oh Yeah, Markos and his Kossacks from cacique-territory have the same hallucinations! Last the US census made a count, 11 million illegals are not a large percentage of 300 million residents.

Too bad poor American citizens don't have powerful friends among the MSM editorial/managing editor elites [including the WSJ]. Then wages in meat-packing plants wouldn't have halved in the last decade.

The Dutch are now learning almost too late what a large unassimilated bolus of immigrants can do to a generous welcoming society. We should treat the Mexicans the way their barbaric border police treat Guatemalans and other immigrants sneaking across from Central America. And deputize the Minutemen to assist the beleaguered ICE Border Patrols.

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