Thursday, May 04, 2006

Depraved On Account of He Was Deprived: Victimhood Triumphant

Peggy Noonan recounts the inane conclusion the 12 jurors gave dog/rat Moussaoui yesterday---he was a victim in his youth, so let him kill and pillage and rape to his heart's content.

Muslims can argue they all were victims of Western Imperialism---in fact they do, and weak-minded Westerners heartily agree and assume the position and beg for more punishment. Fouad Ajami gave the lie to such fatuous idiocies in his eulogy to Bernard Lewis's 90 productive years of life recently in the WSJ [See my blog above].

The Untergang des Abendlands proceeds apace, as 12 mediocrities let a criminal terrorist live and rant that the Muslims won and America lost.

American[s] have lost their minds, or at least their will to assert themselves as responsible adults.

I myself am against capital punishment, but I am for clarity of thought and enforcement of laws on the books.

Peggy notes one happy thought---the dog/rat in Supermax for life:
I don't want to end with an air of hopelessness, so here's some hope, offered to the bureau of prisons. I hope he doesn't get cable TV in his cell. I hope he doesn't get to use his hour a day in general population getting buff and converting prisoners to jihad. I hope he isn't allowed visitors with whom he can do impolite things like plot against our country. I hope he isn't allowed anniversary interviews. I hope his jolly colleagues don't take captives whom they threaten to kill unless Moussaoui is released.

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