Sunday, May 28, 2006

Far Left Pin Hopes on Blogosphere

A certifiable Bush Derangement Syndrome Victim named Jonathon Alterman has found another angle to attack Hillary Clinton, which the Angry Left detests for her moderate tendencies and lack of slavish [i.e., Kerry/Gore] adulation to every demented twist of the mindless ultras over there in the MSM's Kool-Aid factory.
"Last time, Howard Dean and later John Kerry showed that the whole idea of "early money" is now obsolete in presidential politics. The Internet lets candidates who catch fire raise millions in small donations practically overnight. That's why all the talk of Hillary Clinton's "war chest" making her the front runner for 2008 is the most hackneyed punditry around."

Get the picture painted by this hackneyed pundit? Someone on the [Ultra] left is going to catch fire and leave Hillary and sane centrists like Lieberman in the dust!

Alterman [like his namesake Eric] is a certified agitprop asset to the mindless multitude [of maybe three million] certifiable cases of mass psychosis on the lunatic left's outermost fringe. Read the rest of the link to find out how Jonathan and Eric are going to influence the next election with a third party!

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