Saturday, May 20, 2006

Autistic Marxists Boo McCain

Solipsism explains the drivel linked to the HuffNPuff post written by a brave New School pre-adolescent who was so very brave to "speak truth to power" as the latest agitprop mumbojumbo puts it at the New School where McCain gave a Commencenment Address to the graduating Marxists.

As the useful idiot agitprop kiddie corps displayed their usual bad manners, these prospective spineless cowards of the left dissed two real war heroes. The leftist bimbo now exults in her new celebrity, as if what she did were courageous.

This generation of brainwashed ninnies resembles my deceased aunt/cousin who worked at the New School off and on in administrative capacities for decades. She lived just down the block in Greenwich Village and during my last visit in the early '80's treated us to a lengthy deconstruction of Richard Nixon, not for Watergate but for his unjust persecution of Alger Hiss, falsely accused she maintained of being a traitor by the evil Republicans. [Hiss was later proved a traitor by Czech and KGB files opened after the fall of the USSR] This woman later transposed her demented hatred to Rudy Giuliani, whom she called the worst mayor in NYC history!

I guess just being in proximity of the New School breeds traitorous and stupid thoughts.

Of course, the menagerie of twits on the left will congratulate the half-wit speaker until she fades into the obscurity she deserves.

I think in 2008, if McCain is still up and at 'em for the Presidency, he can do reruns of these invidious vipers booing him and get a lot of mileage from the independent centrists and the religious right.

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