Monday, January 21, 2013

Why the Jets Continue to Disgrace Themselves

Woody Johnson is either very dishonest or very dumb.
Don’t pin this one on me. That’s what Woody Johnson has been telling people about the acquisition of Tim Tebow, according to a report by ESPN New York.

Former Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist said the Jets owner told him during his interview with the Jets that Tebow was “forced” on him, presumably by fired GM Mike Tannenbaum.

Johnson told Sundquist he eventually “jumped on board” with the idea to get Tebow, because his football people convinced him.

That’s contrary to what many have felt all season — that Johnson was the one behind bringing in the Tebow circus, which ended up being an epic disaster. Pundits figured the owner was interested in Tebow because his cult-like popularity would help sell tickets and PSLs.

“They realized it was divisive and hard on the locker room and they wanted an exit strategy,” Sundquist told the website.
They [i.e., Woody's "football people"] realized it was divisive? They hadn't thought it through enough to figure that out...???

Yeah, and they kept the stupidest Head Coach in the NFL while firing Tebow, who never got a chance to peddle his wares. Ryan even had a tattoo of Sanchez on his fleshy body, perhaps on his toes?

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