Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama Calls for "Collective Action"

Obama's Inaugural Address was distinguished by pure Grandiosity. He prattled and prated as though he had won the election by a 60-40 margin instead of 52-48, lower than his 2008 margin.

"Collective" reminds one of the notion born of the French Revolution where the concept of "Nation" indicated a sense of the general will. Obama mouthed the words "We, the People," but really meant, "We, my People," the magic 52% who are persecuted by the rich and need government on THEIR side. Obama regards the 48% of the opposition as some sort of enemy rather than those needing conversion. He'd rather attack the GOP than work with the entire 100% to improve the economy, or so the language of his speech implies throughout.

As one economist put it, the best cure for aiding the people is to get them all JOBS. Not to expand government for positions filled by Democrat cronies.

And rather than work for a better economy, this second-rater, oops, termer, would rather chase will-o'-the-wisps like climate change than work to expand businesses.

Does anyone recall this stooge talking about climate change during his campaign?

Just like he never mentioned Health Care expansion in 2008.

The Con-Man-in-Chief has just been sworn in...!

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