Monday, January 21, 2013

Barbaric Shi'ite Iran Stages Public Hangings

The eighteenth century is alive and well in Tehran, as the inane insane insufferable Mullahs decreed that Iran officially is adopting the "Bloody Code" of eighteenth century England when hundreds were hanged publicly for the delectation of onlookers.

The two malefactors had stabbed a man and grabbed his satchel, which contained only $20, but were unlucky enough to be caught on a surveillance camera.

Unlike the bloody-minded Brits of yore, the crowd of 300 in Tehran actually booed the proceedings.

The laughable description of Islam as "The Religion of Peace" becomes more ridiculous as its dark underbelly is being revealed almost daily in Syria and Algeria and Tehran in both its Sunni and Shi'ite manifestations.

The relatively "tame" Muslims we have here in the USA would not remain so were they to become a major demographic element as the UK with its nasty Pak terrorists has already manifested clearly with the bus and tube bombings of 2005.

And the new protests in Saudi Arabia and the Gulfies by conservative Wahhabi prelates should show the ridiculous feminist airheads here stateside that their PC support for Islam is as silly and shallow as the rest of their various manifestos.

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