Thursday, January 17, 2013

GOP Has Good Shot at Retaining House in 2014

POLITICO has an unbiased piece on the 2014 House elections.
Republicans aren’t wasting time going after some of their foes. The NRCC has already assigned a tracker to Barrow, a fifth-term congressman and the last white Democrat from the Deep South. And on Wednesday, the NRCC released a memo detailing its top seven Democratic targets, all of whom reside in districts that favor Republicans. In the committee’s cross hairs are: Matheson, McIntyre, Barrow, West Virginia’s Nick Rahall, Minnesota’s Collin Peterson, Arizona’s Ann Kirkpatrick and Arizona’s Ron Barber.
The Democrats are arguing that the GOP is badly split between the Tea Party and the so-called "Moderates." “Right now, the Republican House is clearly under a lot of pressure from the two sides o
f the party — the rational one and the irrational one — and that pressure may force [Speaker] John Boehner to choose between the two or balance the two,” said Jef Pollock, a Democratic pollster who works on House races. “If the right wing pushes us to the brink on the debt ceiling and we default, that’s when Americans ask, ‘What have we gotten into?’ And that could be very helpful for the Democrats.”
However, there are going to be almost two years between the events of this March and November, 2014. Lots of time for Dictator Barry Soetero to push the economy over the cliff all because of his outrageous out-of-control spending.

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