Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Asians As a Discriminated-Against Minority in the USA

Razib Khan has an elegant expose of the hidden discrimination against Asian-Americans into Ivy League and other 'legacy' schools which groom upper-class members of the "American gentry." is clear there has been implicit collusion between Ivy League universities in regards to the proportion of people of Asian ancestry who attend these institutions. In hindsight it should not be too surprising. I commend you to read Austin Bramwell’s perspective in the Top of the Class, where he outlines exactly how elite prep schools cooperate with the admissions offices of Ivy League universities to perpetuate the pipeline which maintains the generations of the customary American gentry (of which he is a member).
The subject is interesting, and I commend the link above for the information and for the chart which delineates this alleged discrimination. [Hint: the number of Asian-Americans entering CalTech is on a rising curve, whereas the Ivy Schools loiter at the same very low level over three decades.]

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