Monday, January 21, 2013

Lupe Fiasco, Rapper, Thrown Off Stage At Inaugural Concert (VIDEO)

Ha ha ha... It seems that even Chicago rappers aren't swallowing Barry Soetero's brand of Happy Horsefeathers. Lupe is singing about the wrong issues to take on the free-spending tyro dictator, but give him credit for standing up for what he mistakenly believes in.

The rapper was thrown off the stage for going on too long about antiwar issues, according to the 'official communiqué' of the event, but it looks suspiciously as though Lupe violated the rules of Groupthink governing the American Left. Tsk, tsk, bad Lupe. When are you going to conform to the Party Line?

Looks like "Speaking Truth to Power" is solely the prerogative of the HYPOCRITICAL Dimmorat Left...!

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