Thursday, January 03, 2013

Rex Ryan Staying: Jets Fire GM Mike Tannenbaum, Keep Head Coach

Does the owner of the Jets keep Rex Ryan as coach to ensure more media coverage than the Giants get in the perfervid newspaper jungle that is the NYT scramble for words and photos to describe cretinism?

The most hilarious eff-up in the NFL gets to coach the most dysfunctional team---the butt-fumblin' Jets, whose third-rate QB was just given another year to disgrace himself---this time without a better QB sitting on the bench behind him.

What kind of team fires its GM & keeps the coach, who is a toe-sucking blowhard imbecile afraid to play Tebow the last two games for fear Timmy might play well and show that Ryan is a complete fool and total incompetent---two descriptions of his record that have been amply demonstrated over the two recent years. Woody Johnson, the owner, uses the Mets as his example of how to mess up a team.

And I still remember Joe Palantonio at the Jets camp on ESPN pontificating about the Jets having a 'breakout year.' He must have meant zits or hives---take your pick..!!

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