Monday, January 21, 2013

Why the Harbaugh Brothers' Parents Live in Mequon, WI

Mequon is a northern suburb of Milwaukee, very upscale and home to many Brewers, Bucks and the parents of John and Jim Harbaugh.

As it happens and as one can see from the article linked above, Jack and Jackie Harbaugh are the parents-in-law to Indiana U. basketball coach Tom Crean, whose team is presently top-ranked in NCAA b-ball, last time I checked.

Every time we go back to my native Wisconsin, my wife beelines it to Mequon, where the most tony stores [read expensive] are located.

When Tom Crean was coaching Marquette, my alma mater hired Jack Harbaugh to be the assistant athletic direct for the Golden Eagles. He retired in 2008, but stayed in friendly Mequon rather than displace himself to Bloomington, to be with his daughter Joani.

As for myself, my grandparents lived in Fox Point back in the day, adjacent to Mequon, and one of my first memories was falling off a pier in Mequon and looking up and seeing circles in the water above my head!

P.S. Jack & Jackie, Jim and John and Joani, enuf with the "j's" already...!

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