Thursday, January 03, 2013

Chief of Taliban Faction Incinerated by Drone..!

Pakistan is now angry with the US for killing Mullah Nazir, one of its Taliban allies responsible for attacking US soldiers in Afghanistan while the same terrorist is enforcing a policy of not attacking Pakistani soldiers in Pakistan.

It seems that Pakistan is still smarting from not being able to protect Osama bin Laden while hiding him at Abbotabad!

Too bad for those perfidious clowns in Islamabad...!

Of course, the Pakis may be trying to cover their asses by protesting the Taliban leader while secretly rejoicing in his downfall by drone...!

Nothing would surprise me, who has visited Pakistan a half-dozen times and experienced their alienation from telling the truth firsthand more than that many times.

Aside from that, can you imagine the Sturm und Drang the feeble-minded Dems and their media lapdogs would succumb to if this were happening under a GOP POTUS???

Here's the BBC story linked above:
Mullah Nazir's group is one of several militant factions operating in Pakistan's restive north-west - in recent years there have been divisions among these groups.

Analysts say Mullah Nazir had formed an alliance with the government and opposed the Pakistani Taliban, with whom he was at odds because he favoured attacking US forces in Afghanistan rather than Pakistani soldiers.

After November's attack on him, his faction told a rival group led by Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud, to leave the Wana area.

Reports say he was also seen as an enemy of militants from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), and praised by Pakistan for expelling Uzbek and other foreign fighters from Pakistan in 2007.

His death could be a contentious issue between Washington and Islamabad, they add, because the Pakistani military views commanders like him as key to keeping the peace internally.

Militants killed by drones in Pakistan

January 2013: Senior Pakistani militant leader Mullah Nazir

June 2012: Senior al-Qaeda leader Abu Yahya al-Libi

February 2012: Al-Qaeda commander Badar Mansoor

August 2011: Al-Qaeda commander Atiyah Abd al-Rahman

June 2011: Senior al-Qaeda figure Ilyas Kashmiri

August 2009: Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud

However, the Americans will point to the killing as a vindication of their controversial drone programme, says the BBC's Aleem Maqbool in Islamabad.

For years, he was a key figure involved in supplying fighters and support to the Afghan insurgency, our correspondent says.

Drone strikes have increased in frequency since US President Barack Obama took office in 2009. Hundreds of people have been killed, stoking public anger in Pakistan.

The dead include senior al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders, as well as an unknown number of other militants and civilians.

The US does not normally comment on individual drone operations, but last year it emerged in the New York Times that the US president personally approved or vetoed each drone strike.

Islamabad has called for an end to the attacks saying they violate the country's sovereignty, but analysts say Pakistan has privately sanctioned such actions in the past.
I think one US soldier is worth ten Paki conscripts, many of whom can't read nor write.

I hope this "Mullah" is enjoying the company of his 72 Virgins in Muslim heaven/hell.

Again, can you imagine the incredible firestorm of invective that the feeble-minded Dems and their media lapdogs would unleash if this were happening under a GOP POTUS???

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