Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Limbaugh & Levin See Total War on Conservatives

Obama is revealing himself as the asshole we all knew he was in 2008. Limbaugh has a common sense, "Show Me, I'm from Missouri," piece from his radio show calling out far-left clowns like TNY's Packer & Salon's O'Hehir for their marxist rants.

Rush points out that there are two Hispanic Senators [Cruz & Rubio} and one black Senator [Scott] in the GOP and zero in the Democrat ranks. But this doesn't stop the ideologues from calling the South the home of rich kulaks. Commissars like Packer and O'Hehir are paving the way for an Obama dictatorship, as Mark Levin notes in Real Politics.

Obama and his nasty brutish lefty stupids are going to bully their way forward and make a shambles of the Constitution he is sworn to protect. Having been an Adjunct Prof at the U. of Chicago didn't help this POS understand the Constitution one whit.

It looks like dialogue of any kind has been ruled out, as Jackie Calmes' question on Obama's icy aloofness was answered by a failed attempt at levity by the First Prick.

He will take the guns away from law-abiding people so the thugs and gangsta types he has as friends can ride roughshod over the Constitution and the tradition of any sort of political comity in American politics.

The Liar-in-Chief is now reneging on his promises to cut spending and promises to rule by decree if the GOP House doesn't comply with his Imperial Will.

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