Friday, January 11, 2013

Coursera: The Most Interesting Blogsite in the World

Daphne Koller had the brilliant idea about a year ago to launch a Free Course website, or Massive Open Online Courses. Last January, Koller and her colleague Andrew Ng left Stanford's artificial intelligence lab to create Coursera, a venture-capital based online educational startup near the Stanford campus.

Since then, the company has posted more than 200 free classes taught by professors at 33 top universities such as the University of Penylvania and Caltech. More than 1.5 million students have signed up and about 70,000 new students, the equivalent of four or five Stanfords, sign up EACH WEEK!

Get the full story from MIT Technology Review, p. 63 or try I read elsewhere that since the mag is almost a month old, there are now 2.25 million online students. Check ou Coursera and see the most awesome collection of Profs imaginable.

It helps that Daphne Koller is a world-renowned expert in statistics, at the tender age of 44! She teaches one of the courses. On statistical theory, no less.

She raised $22 million in NO TIME FLAT for Coursera---and it is changing the way online classes are taught online around the world.

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