Saturday, January 05, 2013

Johnny Manziel And His Fast-Growing Legend

Johnny Manziel hypnotized me yesterday as I switched back and forth as best I could from T A&M on offense, when I would watch in wonderment at Johnny Football's incredible speed & agility on the ground and swift passing arm & then transfer to another channel, where HIMYM was playing non-stop whenever OU got the ball!

Yes, OU doesn't have a championship-level defense and yes, Landry Jones had a good game himself. But Jones is a senior and Manziel made him look slow and old. In fact, Johnny Football has a couple of extra gears & has size-15 feet & enormous hands for a guy so "short" by NFL standards.... Remember Flutie & Tarkenton, both shorter than Johnny Manziel?

Barring injury, this kid will make it to the pros as fast as he wants to...

Wish I had this kid's future...!!

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