Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Kim Jong Il Died From Temper Tantrum? Source Claims Leader's Rage Killed Him

Strange that the world's obit writers didn't chronicle the more than 1 million NorK citizen-slaves who died of STARVATION during Kim Jung ill's disastrous tenure on absolute power. This rotund moron used to drink expensive cognac & diddle French call girls while his populace starved or worked as slaves in gulags---as 60 Minutes chronicled recently.

The hilarious part of the story is that the dam supposedly opened recently 7 years ahead of schedule, despite having a large crack in its structure. My money is on the probability that either the terrified engineers patched up the dam with a band-aid repair which will give way soon or that the story of the opening last May is a complete hoax.

Meanwhile the hand-wringing libtards and statist busybodies in 'advanced' westernized countries are busy concocting new methods of giving food-in-kind or loans to the North Korean slaveholders, all the while the NorKs make counterfeit dollars to pay their debts and are rushing to perfect their nuclear devices and the ICBMs to deliver them to the West Coast of the USA [where many of the do-gooder Hollyweird retards wishing to help Communist and leftist criminal regimes reside]. It would be a rich irony if someday a North Korean nuke-tipped missile hit California where the dizziest half-wit liberal population in the USA resides and overspends in a chronic statist tailspin.

But when we rush to condemn the North Korean 'Hermit Kingdom,' we should remember that Communist Cuba is not much better, even in spite of recent reforms by Fidel's smarter brother Raul... Both are fossils from a vanished era of totalitarian ideologies.

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