Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Damon a Parasite Hitching Ride on Arab Oil Sheikhs

Money-grubbing moron and college dropout Matt Damon has devised a new method for grabbing money for his dodo agitprop specials---like reading Commie Howard Zinn's bogus American history book aloud to propagandize brain-dead stoners like himself. UAE oil money is eager to prevent the USA from becoming energy independent from natural gas, which is the Sheikh's nightmare scenario that sees its oil drop in price because of lower demand. The proven-safe fracking techniques that Damon and his fellow brain-challenged actors Krasinski [dumb Polack] and McDormand [dumb broad] think pollute ground water will indeed make the US independent in fifteen-twenty years. And no ground water will be polluted since the tracking takes place more than a kilometer beneath the surface to free the locked-up gas. So why the UAE involvement?
The UAE, a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), has a stake in the future of the American fossil fuel industry. Hydraulic fracturing has increased the United States’ domestic supply of crude oil and natural gas in areas such as the Bakken shale formation and has the potential to increase domestic production much more in the foreseeable future. That means more oil on the market, and hence lower prices for a globally traded commodity. Fracking is boosting the country’s natural gas supply as well. While the market for American natural gas is primarily domestic, the Energy Department recently approved Cheniere Energy’s plan to export about 2.2 billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas per day from Louisiana. The Department is considering LNG export applications from seven other companies. A strong global market presence for American natural gas could also work to the UAE’s disadvantage. The Arab nation ranks seventh worldwide in proven natural gas reserves. For instance, Japan’s energy imports are expected to rise significantly over the next five years. The country is currently a major importer of UAE natural gas. If it decided to import more LNG from the United States to accommodate its increased energy demands, it could deal a blow to the UAE economy. Another source of competition might come from other industries that use natural gas to manufacture other products. As American gas grows cheaper the United States becomes a more attractive destination for industries that manufacture petroleum-intensive products. The UAE, meanwhile, has invested billions attempting to shore up its own share of the plastics and chemicals markets, both of which rely on petroleum products and are likely to gravitate towards the cheapest sources of those products
But wait, there's more:
All of this suggests a direct financial interest on the UAE’s part in slowing the development of America’s natural gas industry. Pop culture can be a powerful means to sway public opinion. While Promised Land, like anti-fracking documentary Gasland, appears to inflate the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, it may have an impact on the public’s view of the practice.
So action-adventure moron Matt & his two willing counter-culture magnets John K. & Frances McD have their work cut out for them if they will score a hit where Gasland has done a miserable no-show at the box office. But if it does, the multi-tentacled mass media will be sure to ignore the UAE financing connection----unless Romney wins and the loozer-lefties suck up to the New Boss...!!!

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