Wednesday, October 03, 2012

More on the Racist POTUS we must eliminate in November or face national suicide. Ann Althouse is wrong to agree with Friedersdorf and wrong not to point out that Katrina victims had already received over $100 billion to rebuild when the ignorant demagogue---who happens to be half-black---began his inflammatory rant at Hampton, an all-black university. If any white, Hispanic, or Asian-American had done the same thing in front of an audience of his/her fellow ethnic and racial peers, the mainstream media would have killed the campaign within a week. Obama is---as the LATimes liberal columnist put it so well---the Magic Negro. He is lifted up by the media---including the "celebrity news" media that most Americans know and watch more than the lame legacy alphabet networks---and levitates magically above his dismal record on the economy, etc.... He will do much more damage to the this country if he is elected to a second term---period. The substance of the speech by Obama is a racist rant. Of course, taping the Romney private talk without informing him is a felony under Florida law, a fact never mentioned even by the right-leaning media. Second, "five-year-old speech by then-Sen. Barack Obama, widely covered at the time, in which the presidential candidate suggested the George W. Bush administration was discriminating against the victims of Hurricane Katrina" is total BS, as over $100 billion was spent on displaced victims by the time Obama gave the speech. Third, Obama is the obvious "race-baiter" in this first FULL version of the video which gave the real remarks, not the prepared transcript which Andrew Sullivan and other left-press dupes quoted from at the time. POLITICO is a leftist press outlet with occasional hat tips to the right in an attempt to appear "even-handed." The dirty little secret is that many blacks among the "displaced people" Obama rants about stayed in Houston and Dallas in "red-state" Texas because they found much less "racism" and a much better economy than in racist, Democrat-run NOLA...! Obama has 983 executive orders vs 63 for Bush in less than half the time in power. That's WITH control of both Houses for 2 years. That's protofascism. Every postmenopausal broad I know is in the tank for the Big O'Bungler. It's as if they've nurtured every perceived slight, every faint insult over the last 40 years and now it's payback time to every ex-husband, disappointing son and indifferent father. It's not because Zero is the taboo fantasy gone unfulfilled in their brief youth. It's because Zero fulfills some masochistic need to adore the golden hero. One who looks nothing like all those venal corrupt, and above all crushingly disappointing men in their lives.

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